RS Desk Mockup Scene Creator


RS Desk Mockup Scene Creator is a creative suite of over 280 objects that will help you create a beautiful work desk scene. Full layered PSD Photoshop file with resolution of 5000×3000 pixels contains excellent isolated objects and items, which you can move, rotate, reduce and change their color.

If you are not satisfied with stock photos RS Desk Mockup Scene Creator offers you, you can make your own scene with a little creativity, just the way you want it. You can make great illustrations for your blog, magazine or something else.

If you want to promote a responsive design of your site, this file contains 41 devices with display PSD smart objects which help you add your creations on a display. Therefore, this scene creator is ideal for things like that. Besides the possibility of adding display images to device, you can easily change color of device, shadow, reflection, light, position…

Full layered file allows you to create great hero, header images. Layer sliders is trend, and with this file you can animate the scene on your site.

RS Desk Mockup Scene Creator contains 8 different tables textures and 9 different legs. There are also several chairs, a boy and a girl and you can change the color of their jersey. Large objects are also available in RS and there are 7 variations of windows, shelf on wall and bulletin board with items.

Vases, pots and plants are a special part of this file. You can choose between 9 prepared plants, and create yours with 7 flowers, plants and 7 vases, pots.

Do you like posters? 50 posters of different dimensions, shapes and colors available too. 18 wall and 8 desk textures will satisfy all criteria for making flexible scene.

And a lot of items: peripherals, cameras, speakers, watches, headphones, sunglasses, notebooks, stationery, books, maps, hats, bags, packaging, beverages, food, lamps…

If you want to achieve better stimulation of the ambience you can take care filters and 21 prepared effects. High resolution of this file allows you to print images on large format such as billboards.


RS Desk Mockup Scene Creator Features

Size 5000×3000 px, 300dpi
RGB color
280+ items
41 display smart objects
18 wall textures
8 table textures
21 photo effects
Full layered
Easy to customize organized layers