About me

Online conference with smart phone. Work from home concept. Modern smart phone in woman hand.

Hello, I’m Vladimir web designer, graphic designer and microstock photographer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Europe.

This is my Photoshop graphics resources portfolio page. Most for scene creators, mockups and stock photos that I use in my projects and upload on agency websites. My works have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and that helped various development teams to promote their software.

I have been working as a web designer for 13 years on about 70+ web projects in six countries (USA, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Many identified me with project Palelive.com, which launched my story. Now I designed and maintain several important local websites such as this one, this and this one. And many others.

Of the world famous projects, I stand out promoting InVision Studio and work on the Project44 portal interface.

Check my portfolio on: