Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Mockup


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Mockup is a bundle with six new mockups of Samsung android phone for Adobe Photoshop.

Beautiful design, colors, and pencil make a very good reason for the promotion of your design on this mockup, introducing new apps or simply making the photos for your blog or a news article.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is currently the best Android phone on the market (despite the problems with the battery). Its strength and recognition are good reasons for using this phone in promotional purposes.

We have used real photos of people and mobile phone 3d renders to achieve maximum image sharpness. Reflections on display are clean and simple. Edge on Galaxy Note 7 is a clear and recognizable.

All mockups were created by combining multiple layers and all the layers are separated, so you can position yourself.

This allows you to change the background, move holding a hand, change the color of the phone, rotate the whole scene, and other.

Resolution 4000 x 2560 px, 300 dpi is sufficient to show a photo and print materials, a size leaves space for the crop.

Mockup 06 contains 2 desk textures, smartphone and 9 scene creator items. You can combine and move these items to make the desired scene.

We have prepared 21 PSD effect, vignette, ambient light, the gradient for final image tuning.



Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Mockup Features

– Size 4000×2560 px, 300dpi
– RGB color
– 6 mockups
– 4 device color
– 12 background images
– 9 scene creator items
– 21 prepared effect
– Full layered