Responsive Devices Mockup
iMac, MacBook, iPhone and iPad Mockup Responsive
iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhone responsive mockup
iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 plus Mockup
Apple Thunderbolt display and i Mac Mockup
MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro Mockup
MacBook, iPad Air 2 and iPhone mockup
MacBook, iPhone and iPad Mockup Responsive
Apple Thunderbolt, MacBook, iPhone and iPad Mockup Responsive

Responsive Devices Mockup PSD Photoshop creative file is created for easier and better responsive web design promotion with modern devices display. You can use this file to create a hero, header images, and for making a brilliant illustration for your web sites.

Today, websites adapt to different sizes of devices and if you want to demonstrate this to your clients, use this creation. Easily sort the devices in the scene and using Photoshop smart objects (see readme) add your design on screens with just a few clicks.

The file contains 7 different vectors (Photoshop shape) devices with 23 positions: Apple iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Thunderbolt Display, iMac. All devices have a central, left and right curved position while the smartphone and tablet have a horizontal position. You can increase the size of devices, without losing sharpness.

You can create a desk scene with 20 desk items: keyboard, mouse, speakers, camera, headphones, glasses, pens, plant, coffee, lamps, book… Easily move the items around the scene and make it more beautiful.

This file contains 8 different tables and 6 background wall textures. You can also use 5 one color backgrounds.

There are 21 prepared effects, vignette, ambient light, gradient, noise waiting to help you make a better scene ambient. High resolution of this file allows you to print images on a large format such as posters and billboards.







What you can do

– Increase size of devices
– Move devices and items on scene
– Change color of some devices
– Put your background and turn off table and wall texture

Responsive Devices Mockup Features

– Size 6000×4000 px, 300dpi
– RGB color
– Vector (shape) devices
– 7 devices
– 23 position
– 20 desk items
– 8 table textures
– 6 backgrounds
– 21 prepared effect
– Full layered