RS Tablet Mockup


RS Tablet Mockup is a collection of six mockups of iPad Pro tablet from different angles. The advantage of these mockups is that they are full layered, so they can be used for video or layer slider.

Mockup allows you to via Photoshop “smart object” in just a few clicks, add your web site design, app or something else on the tablet display (see readme file).

Separate layers allow you to turn off certain parts of the body, change the color of the iPad Pro tablet, light reflections or background. High resolution 4500×3000 px, 300dpi allows you to crop part of the scene and print your work on large formats.

You can move objects in the scene on each of these mockups. iPad Pro tablet comes in three colors- gray, silver and gold. You can turn on-off woman or a man hand, or change the holding hand to the hand that touches display of tablet.

We have added three light reflections on the tablets so you can choose, change or reinforce their opacity.

You can change the background on every mockup. Select or remove the texture of the table. Easy put your background image. On the sixth mockup you can create your own scene with the five prepared items.

And finally when you make the desired scene, you can apply 21 filters, vignette, ambient light, gradient, noise…




What you can do

– Turn on-off and move hands and device on scene
– Turn on-off holding and showing hand
– Some mockups contain woman and man hands
– Change color of device and light reflection
– Put your background and turn off table texture
– Full layered and easy to use for video or layer slider

RS Tablet Mockup Features

– Size 4500×3000 px, 300dpi
– RGB color
– 6 mockups
– 3 device color
– Holding and showing hand
– Man and woman hand
– 7 table and 6 background images
– 5 items
– 21 prepared effect
– Full layered