Construction Banner Creator

Construction Banner Creator is Photoshop product intended for use in designing banners and advertisements for online marketing campaigns for construction companies, design offices and companies that provide repairment and maintenance services of households. Construction Banner Creator has elements which can help you create banners that give designers more freedom to release their creativity. Unlike other banners, in this package you can find everything you need. You will not be limited in quality of stock photo (if included). You will have endless possibilities to create a unique banner! Isolated high quality photos of tools will help you create high resolution banners 1200x628px (Facebook ads). You will be able to use included graphics for other purposes. All layers are separated and can be moved, rotated and reduced in the scene. When you create a basic banner (1200x628px) it is not necessary to create other smaller banners again. Click on Save As Photoshop file and select desired banner resolution in Actions window, click on the Play button and Photoshop will make banner. In the end, you can make minor corrections if the objects are not best placed. When you want the same banner in different size just reload your PSD file you have […]
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