Android phone mockups

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Mockup

Android phone mockups are often used by the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designers for better promotion of their works.

Number of android apps on Google Play is growing steadily, and in 2015 overtook the number of applications on iOS platform. Now is over 2 200 000 apps.

Quality android Samsung and other phones every year getting better and more popular and encourage the popularity of the Android platform.

However, designers are not the ones who often use mobile phone photos to promote their applications. Mockup of smart phones are often used to illustrate the various blogs, magazines, creating a slider, hero header images for websites, advertising various services on print materials and web banners.

So their use is multipurpose, and the speed of use is extremely important, because you can in a few clicks promote your design and send to client for review.

If you are not a photographer and you have at hand some of the Android phones, for a few dollars you can buy nice mockups, which are made with great new DLSR cameras. You can also find good free mockups.

Sharpness of mockup photo, beautiful colors and light will help you to promote design even better and get more downloads or sales.

We offer several Android phone mockups by Samsung smart phones. In the future they will be even more so subscribe to our Facebook and follow us.

If you are not sure how mockups work, see the pages below and You tube video that explains everything.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Mockup

Android phone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge MockupSamsung Galaxy S7 Edge Mockup Photoshop PSD file help you to make better promotion of your app or web page design. This template is also good for make hero header images, or layer slider images because the file is full layered and you can animate layers on your presentation.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Rain Mockup

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Rain MockupSamsung Galaxy Note 7 Rain Mockup is first PSD Photoshop mockup with simulated rain on the scene and as such is very interesting for the promotion of your design. In this mockup, we offer more than just a photo with smart object, display change. All layers are separated and it is possible to turn off the rain layer, change the background color or color of your smart phone, move the phone, hand or head on the scene!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Mockup

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 MockupSamsung Galaxy Note 7 Mockup is a bundle with six new mockup of Samsung android phone for Adobe Photoshop. Beautiful design, colors and pencil, has a good reason for promote your design on this mockup, introduce a new apps or simply make the photos for your blog or a news article.

Android Smart Phone Mockup

Android phone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge MockupAndroid Smart Phone Mockup is designed for the promotion of responsive web sites and apps for android smartphones. This Photoshop template would like web designers and Android developers. With this Photoshop PSD file is possible to quick and easy promote your work. Photorealistic mockup made with professional DSLR camera are an excellent basis for your application or web site reaches more users or customers.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Mockup

Android phone Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Mockup

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Mockup was designed to promote your work or make nice illustration for your website, blog, magazine or something else. High resolution allows you to print your work on billboards.